Freelance Writers in India: A portal every Freelance writer can trust

As the word Freelance writer in India itself suggests that it is a writer who is free to work or take up job without committing himself to a particular organisation. That means he/she can work for different organisation at a time. The writer’s diversity in writing will help him to be paid more. Freelance writing is a professionally self-employed online job. In India we can find many people like housewives, students, retired person etc. due to their time constraints will not be able to get committed to an organisation or work full time. So these people can only work in flexible timings. Finding the client each timeafter the project is completed is a very difficult job for the writer. And also the writers will not be getting a constant pay. For all the above reasons writers need a platform to get the job they need and also must be able to get the right payment for their work.
1 plays a major role in this regard and has provided great opportunity for the freelance writers in India. Launched in 2015, a portal which has brought both content providers and the clients together and has made the job easy for both of them. This is a content marketplace not only for Freelance writers in India but also for the writers across the globe.

The process to register for both clients and the writers has been made simple and easy so that there is no confusion.

Clients first have to register themselves as clients and mention the requirements for the project. They have to mention every details of the project such as total number of words the writer should limit himself to, the due date by which the project has to be completed and about the payment details.Once this is done the freelance writers in Indiawho are interested in the project will start bidding.

Here the writers are able to choose the client whom they want to work with, they are free to choose the type of projects or assignmentsfrom a variety of topics given by the clients and also will be able to fix the pay for the project for which they work, through bidding. The choice for the project can be made according to the writer’s expertise. The deadline for the project will be important for the writer andshould finish it by the timeline mentioned by the client. The payment process for the writer will be initiated only after the client is satisfied with the work as per the requirement mentioned.

This process makes the to be a unique portal through which a freelance writer will get an opportunity to meet genuine clients without any delay in getting the assignments.