Got Back from the Business Meeting

We spent a lot of time arguing at the business meeting, but the simple fact is that we are going to have to rob Peter to pay Paul. The bids we got from the people who do hvac repair in NYC were very discouraging, but of course there is a really big question about whether or not it makes sense for us to fix the system or to replace it. In reality that is not much of an option since the church does not really have the money to pay for it. The repair jobs are complicated by the fact that this system was originally installed about thirty years ago, so it is not like you can run down to the Home Depot and find spare parts for it. You have to find someone who has it sitting on a shelf, in fact they probably have a part that was removed when another HVAC system was taken off line.

It is not ideal to repair something that is this old obviously. It is just like a car that has a quarter million miles on the odometer. You want to keep it running, but you know that putting more and more money in it does not make the most sense. Instead you have to figure out when it is time for you to cut your losses and send that car to the junk yard. Of course right now scrap prices are so low that it makes you wonder if that is even worth your time, but that has nothing to do with the analogy. However we are really missing Mr Price. It was great when he was around, because he knew all that there was to know about this sort of thing. Now he is living with his daughter in South Carolina.