The Blinds Have Worn Down

Everyone in my home has a bad habit of pulling on the blinds to look out of the window. We should be using the rod to slightly move the blinds, but for us, it’s just faster to pull on them. This causes wear and tear to the blinds, and eventually the blinds will stop functioning properly. There’s not much we can do to repair the blinds, so we decided to just replace them with new ones. We decided to go with Orange County Blinds since they had the best price option for our area.

My daughter and son like to decorate their room with all kinds of cartoon characters. My daughter is really into Disney characters, and has stuffed versions of them, along with Disney themed bed sheets. My son is more into boys characters, so he has Transformers toys and a race car bed with sports themed sheets. I asked them what kinds of designs they wanted to have on their blinds. Of course, my daughter requested to have Disney themed blinds, but my son surprised me. Rather than something based on the toys that he has, he wanted blinds with a Minecraft theme on them. He plays that video game a lot.

For my bedroom, we went with standard looking blinds, and for the kitchen, living room, dining room, and den, we went with something a little more artistic. We chose vertical wooden blinds because they made the home look less like a dentist’s office and more like something with a little style. Installation of the blinds only took an hour because multiple workers were handling it. In order to prevent anyone from pulling on the blinds to look through them, I told the kids that if they broke their blinds, they wouldn’t get any allowance for a year.